The big Marcel mystery: what is it exactly?

By Marcel Editorial

We admit it: sometimes even we grapple with a nice, clean answer to the question What is Marcel?

Because there are no comps. And it’s been quite a journey—evolving organically in response to your input and needs, shifting and transforming into a custom-crafted growth platform to help turbo-charge your career trajectory. And boost business in the process.

So, we get it if you’re not 1000% sure what Marcel is... or what it can do for you. Let us break it down...

Basically—Marcel is a space for you to shine. To learn. To collaborate, and network. With a borderless philosophy at its core, Marcel breaks down internal and geographic silos across the Groupe and ensures our clients get access to the high-quality, specialist capabilities they need to learn and grow in a hybrid environment. It’s positioning Publicis to step nimbly into the next normal, along with all of us.

Here’s how that works:


Hopefully that gave you a better idea of just what Marcel is, or maybe not. And that's okay. After all, Marcel is the power of our imagination.

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