What is Marcel?

By Marcel Editorial

There’s nothing like Marcel. No industry comps. No basis for comparison.

It's a custom-made AI platform, with a suite of features and services to connect the 80,000 creative minds of Publicis Groupe to opportunities, knowledge, expertise… and to each other. It’s a place where our talent can learn, share, and create more than ever before.

But why, though?

Seems like a lot of work. How come this was so important? 

Because we all know we’re in a Platform World now. The old rules don’t apply. We’ve all got to change—and change fast.

Big picture, Marcel is here to break down internal and geographical silos and ensure our clients get access to the high-quality, specialist capabilities they need to win in the Platform World. It’s positioning Publicis to step nimbly into the next normal—along with all of us.

And on an individual level, Marcel is meant to unlock opportunities for our talent.

Publicis believes that when our people grow, so does the company. We created Marcel to help make their growth goals a reality. Free Classes to learn new skills, Communities to build networks, Gigs to tackle fresh challenges… with additional features rolling out all the time.

Transforming the industry 

Marcel is also a change agent. A space for celebrating sustainability, and a key part of Publicis Groupe’s global strategy around diversity and inclusion. 

Marcel provides a platform for our incredible Business Resource Groups, and hosts events like Pausing for Action, the keystone of our strategy to create a truly equitable and inclusive working environment, and address systemic racism and injustice. 

And it’s a space for our people to shine. Short Stacks gather thought leadership from around the Groupe and give everyone a platform to weigh in with their own brilliant insights. Our incredible Editorial team is constantly on the hunt for new content, fresh stories to tell, incredible people to spotlight. 

In addition, Marcel is super-charging our client work, with tools like Marcel Intelligence that allow our teams to tap into the expertise of the entire Groupe. By crowd-sourcing creativity and magnifying market research, we’re exponentially increasing the “Power of One”—which is already winning pitches and delivering breakthrough work for our partner brands.

Marcel is taking our clients—and our talent—to the next level. Together.

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